Access Finland’s leading early education from home!

Welcome to your online kindergarten programme designed by Finnish experts

Daily online learning

Monthly online projects offering:

  • 1-2 preschool learning activities per weekday supporting children’s development through play
  • Adjustable for all pre-primary ages from 1 to 6
  • Learning goals for developing life skills 
  • Designed by leading early education experts from Finland
  • Easy video tutorials
  • Printable learning materials
  • Tips for toddler adaptation and other guidance for parents

Live online classes

  • Interactive classes in small groups of 3-6 year old children
  • Playful activitities based on FinlandWay® Family learning projects 
  • Purchased separately from a basic membership
  • Coming soon in English


Our Membership 

About FinlandWay®

Our mission is to bring the best of quality education from Finland to thousands of children, families and educators worldwide.

We have selected the core elements of Finland’s educational excellence and use the latest platforms and delivery models to support our partner schools and families to build better beginnings for lifelong learning. 

FinlandWay® operates schools in 3 continents and in 5 languages. Read more here.