Create snowflakes

Learning goals:Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, practicing the use of scissors, following instructions and using creativity

Craft beautiful snowflakes from paper for your windows.

Use large squares (approx. 20 cm x 20 cm) of very thin paper. 

Make sure that your scissors are suitable for children and sharp enough to be able to cut layers of paper. Prepare models before starting the activity with children.

Look at tutorials from YouTube, for example https://youtu.be/a3mpmly9b2o

1. Prepare squares from paper.

2. Fold the squares to make snowflakes with 6 dimensions.

3. Draw decorations on the folded paper.

4. Cut along the lines.

5. Open the snowflake and attach it onto a window.

6. Admire your snowfall together! Materials needed: squares of thin paper, scissors, some ready-made snowflakes as models

Toddler Adaptation

Make snowflakes on a dark paper painting with white finger paint or crumble small pieces of thin white paper and glue it to a dark paper.