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How does FinlandWay Family work?

The learning happens in four-week projects, and each project has 1-2 activities per day. Each activity has learning goals and easy instructions. Some of the activities can be done by the child independently and some of the activities require guidance from an adult. Some activities are meant to be continued over several days, or repeated to enhance learning.

After each four-week project, a new project is introduced and made available, with new activities. Each project follows a new theme.

The Parenting 2.0 – feature allows you to ask questions regarding parenting and your child’s development from FinlandWay’s pedagogical experts and read their answers to other members’ questions. 

You will also benefit from a series of expert Master Classes.

Who can use FinlandWay® Family?

FinlandWay Family is suited to parents and carers who are looking for high quality learning materials for 1-6 year old children, and valuable information regarding children’s development and learning, regardless whether the children go to preschool or are homeschooled. 

Designed by leading pedagogical experts from Finland, the learning activities of FinlandWay Family are adjusted to suit families across the world and to support joyful learning at home.

Who has designed the activities?

All the activities have been designed by FinlandWay’s pedagogical experts with extensive experience from the Finnish early childhood education system, and education background from the University of Helsinki, Finland. Read more about us here.

I have a toddler, are the activities suitable?

The activities have been designed for children aged 1-6 years old, and most of them can be adapted to suit toddlers. Please see the “toddler adaptations” -videos and materials from the activity pages for more guidance.

I have a question for the FinlandWay® pedagogical team, where should I send it to?

You can submit your questions under the Q&A section on the Parenting Toolbox page or send us an email at support@finlandwayschools.com

What happens after my free trial?

Your subscription will continue as normal after your free trial. If you wish to not pay for a membership, you can cancel at any stage before your free trial period ends.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

You can cancel your membership at any time through My Account.

About FinlandWay®

FinlandWay®’s expert team packages the best of Finland’s early education excellence for families all over the world.

The FinlandWay® curriculum and methodology is based on the Finnish system, ranked number one worldwide in early childhood education and family well-being.

We cultivate necessary 21st century skills through participatory, play-based learning. FinlandWay® provides a joyful and safe learning journey with daily educational goals for your child. We work in partnership with local quality school operators on three continents.

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