Learning goals: exploring the concept of fireworks, mathematical thinking, counting backwards, practicing jumping from squat, fine motor skills and artistic expression

Watch the video of New Year’s celebrations around the world with your child.

Then try counting backwards from 5 to 0 or 10 to 0. Squat down and imagine you are both (or only your child) fireworks that need to shoot up to the sky when you reach 0.

Count again and repeat if your child is motivated to repeat the activity.

After this or on another time/day you can create your own fireworks on paper with salt painting.

You will need black/dark paper, table salt, thick white glue, brush and watercolours.

Create the shapes of your firework on the paper with the white glue. Pour salt on the wet glue. Water the brush well and take water colour to it,

Gently touching the salt creations add any colours you want to your fireworks. Let dry and hang in a visible place.

Discuss about the celebration plans for your New Year’s eve together.

Toddler Adaptation

Watch the video, practice counting from 1 to 5 and then backwards. Adult can count and toddler can try to jump in their own style when adult says 0. You can take colourful scarfs to create colour for the firework.

For the paintinguse dark paper and an empty toilet paper roll. Cut half of the toilet paper roll to several strips, fold them outwards. Let your toddler dip the strips to paint and press the fireworks on the dark paper. If you want you can add glitter to the wet paint. Your toddler can also use finger paint to create the fireworks on the paper. Discuss about the celebration plans for your New Year’s eve together.