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But what about Distant Playing?

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Our Learning Programme

With our FinlandWay Family Learning Programme, we hope to bring enjoyment to children and families, to empower parents, and to support early learning at home around the world. Our Learning Programme is a system of multiple and sequence-based Learning Projects to guide parents through stages of the child’s development.


What is a Learning Project?
It’s for learning through playing at home

Within our FinlandWay Family Programme, you can get access to a new Learning Project every month. Each project comes with a series of play-based learning activities developed by early education experts from FinlandWay. Under each activity, you’ll be provided with instructions, a list of materials needed (around the home), learning targets and printable activity sheets, and toddler adaptation instructions when needed.


Let’s get started!
How do I start a Learning Project?

That’s the spirit! You will start with the first Learning Project – instructions are provided along the way. Activities are divided over four weeks and you can proceed at your own pace and do 1-2 activities per day with your child. Children learn best in interaction but some activities can be done independently.

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Sounds complicated … 
I’m just a parent, not a trained educator.

Our Learning Projects were designed to be used by parents and children around the world. They are based on normal interaction between you and your child. The bigger siblings can also join and find activities motivating. The aim is not teaching your child, but support the natural curiosity and interests of your child using the environments around the home and materials that we have included or you could find.

We will be at every step of this learning journey with guidance, instructions, and tips for you to follow and be inspired!


I need more general guidance on the development stages of my child?

Besides the Learning Programme, our team of experts on early childhood education has created a Parenting Toolbox, with which you can keep track of your child’s progress and behaviours through each stage of early childhood, in areas of communications, physical movement, spatial awareness and so on!

You can also send your question directly to our pedagogical experts -FinlandWay’s very own hotline for education support!


Can I use this Programme as a curriculum for my child?

We strongly discourage using this Learning Programme as a full-time curriculum as it was simply not designed to deliver the key learning targets that only trained educators are capable of. 

The FinlandWay School Curriculum has been fully developed for this purpose and is currently being used in schools on 3 different continents around the world. For more information on our comprehensive curriculum, please visit the FinlandWay Schools Homepage.