Magnificent Seedling – Week two -to- four – Activity

Growing my first leaves

Learning goals: observing and documenting own growth, evaluating own skills,
self-regulation, resilience, enjoying own learning.

Make a beanstalk craft on your bedroom door.
Collect leaves on the beanstalk whenever you learn to do something new for the first time.
For example when you learn to

• count to ten

• jump rope

• saying ‘Thank You!’

• cycle with a bike

• recognize a letter from own name

• writing Your own name

• throw a ball to a basket

• write a letter

• take photos with a (phone) camera

• eating with fork and knife

• say ‘Hello!’ with a foreign language

• etc.

It will take days and weeks to have your beanstalk full of leaves.

Do you have 10 leaves collected? Have a small celebration!