Magnificent Seedling – Week two – Activity

Smiling sun

Learning goals: geometrical shapes (triangle, square, and circle), using paint to colour a sun, tearing paper,
using scissors, gluing, hand-eye coordination, drawing a smiling face.

Beans need sunlight to grow. A beanstalk turns and grows towards the sun.
In the same way, we like to turn towards smiling faces.

What kind of shapes you can find in this sun?

Colour all circles yellow, all triangles in orange, and all squares red.

Make your own smiling sun to bring joy to your day:

1. Take a paper plate and paint it yellow with finger paints or a paintbrush. Let the paint dry.

2. Make sun rays from the paper by tearing them. Older children can use scissors to cut. Glue the rays around the plate.

3. Paint a smiling face on the plate with finger paints or a paintbrush.