Magnificent Seedling – Week four – Activity

Playdough fruits

Learning goals: hand-eye coordination; making 3D forms with playdough, creative play with animal toys and self-made toy fruits, mixing a dough according to a recipe.

Create fruits from playdough. Use plasticine with different colours or selfmade playdough.

To make playdough mix together:

• 2 dl (or 1 cup) of plain flour
• 1 dl (or ½ cup) of table salt
• 1 dl (or ½ cup) of warm water
• and 1 tbsp vegetable oil

Use the dough to create fruits. When the fruits are ready, heat the oven to 125-celsius degrees and dry them in the oven for 1 hour or let the fruits dry overnight. Paint the fruits with liquid paints when the dough is dry.

When ready, you can sort the fruits by

• Size
• Colour

Or categorize whether they are fruits or vegetables. In which other ways can you categorize them?

Would your animal friends (toys) like to taste the delicious fruits?
Start a play with your toy animals and the fruits.

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