Matching programmes

Learning goals: Idenfitying geometric shapes in 2 and 3 dimensions, using model when drawing, designing a robot, creating artwork

Draw geometrical shapes using 3D blocks Choose a block, for example a cube. Keep it securely on its place on a paper and draw around with a pen.

Work with sibling or a friend. The other can support the block while the other draws. Paint your shapes inside the lines with watercolors.

Can you recognize each geometrical shape in the paper?

How about the 3D blocks? When you have learned to copy the shape, draw robots, animals, or people using the 3D shapes.

Toddler Adaptation

For toddler; draw together some shapes using the 3D blocks. Then play a game of “Can you please give me..?” Ask for 2D or 3D shapes using the correct names of them. Change roles and assist your child as needed in the beginning. You can also be silly and ask for some for form you already have.