Parenting Toolbox – Development Milestones

1 Year Old

A 1-year old child needs cuddling and wants to be near the caretaker from time to time. This is called “safety-refilling-process”, the child comes to fill her inner “tank” of safety.

Support child’s interest to interaction with other people and side by side play with peers, encourage child’s attempts to verbal expressions, verbalize your actions and respond to your child.

By moving around child also explores how different materials at home feel like. This is done with hands, feet, stomach and even with face. That is why the child keeps touching and trying different items and materials. While the child is learning a new skill of intentional movement, for example catching a toy, the child tries different kinds of sensations in order to achieve this skill.

Through the sensory integration, child structures the sensations dealing with catching and connect the sensations to movement. Sensory integration is the process of organizing and using information gathered through different senses.

Recommended Play

Take care of a toy together with your child

Recommended Toys

Toys that enable mimicking
the adult’s daily activities
Kitchen toys

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