Parenting Toolbox – Development Milestones

2 Year Old

The child is often able to express themselves verbally and enjoys playing side by side with other children.

Child recognises their own name and is familiar with the family’s habits and ways of communication. They are eager to learn more and to mimic the adult or older children. Some children enjoy repeating the words they hear, the vocabulary is expanding rapidly and children always understand more words than they are able to produce. The child begins to express more and more their own will and can often reply by saying “no!”. Although they wish to decide often, sometimes they are unsure themselves what they want (e.g. to go home to meet siblings or stay still playing in the park).

It is important that the adult sets boundaries and helps the child to decide when needed. Practicing to handle disappointments is also important. Stay close by, comfort and once the child is calm explain why the decision was made.

Recommended Play

Support your child’s practicing role play,
they can try different roles in a play
(mother, father, firemen, doctor)
explore their experiences through play.

Recommended Toys

Observe what your child is interested and
provide material for that play
e.g. doctor, playing house,
taking care of dolls.

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