Project Guidelines





Each project has a variety of activities which create a learning pathway.

Children learn in a social environment and interaction is an important part of a child’s learning process. Most of the activities are executed in interaction between your child and you or for example siblings. 

It depends on the child how much support is needed and in which activities he/she needs support from a parent or e.g. older siblings.


Learn about the activity

Read through the activity and get familiar with it before preparing and starting the activity with your child



Have a look at what material and equipment you need for the activity and prepare them all together with your child before you start. Finally, make sure that you’ve all the materials and equipment you need.


Instruct your child

Tell your child what you are going to do and get inspired together by going through the activity.


Document the learning process

Take photos during the activity to make the learning process more visible. It also helps you child to memorize and view the activity afterwards. It’s also fun to have a look at the pictures later together.


Encourage and support

Encourage your child to try new things her- or himself and take a step back from time to time. As a parent you guide your child but if he/she gets an idea which is not in the activity flow, go for it! Supporting the ideas and initiatives of the child enables more learning opportunities and your child gets more engaged. It’s ok to take different directions during the activity allow space for child’s creativity.


Tidy up together

After finishing the activity, tidy up with your child together and put materials and equipment back to their places together


Reflect in play

If possible, think together after the activity how she/he can continue playing according to the theme of the project or the activity. For example, if you’ve just finished planting a seed and taking care of it, proceed playing with soft toys and take care of them in a play.



Children enjoy repeating their favorite activities several times. This creates a sense of security and predictability and also supports learning.



You can also encourage your child to start the next activity of the project and explore it together with you.