Robot dance

Learning goals: Performing a dance, creativity through movement, programming

Your robot wants to learn how to dance. Can you programme it?

Think how the robot could dance and use different symbols for programming. For example square can mean spin around, triangle lift arms, arrow can mean taking a step to that direction.

Put your dancing code on a paper and make your robot dance. You can draw their meaning or ask an adult to help you write them down.

Then make your parent or sibling dance or ask them to show you the commands and dance yourself accordingly. Use your favourite music and repeat the movements to last for the entire song.

Toddler Adaptation

All toddlers are great natural dancers. Put on their favourite music and let them dance in their own style. Then an adult can be the robot and try to mimic the movements of the child. You can also move the robot you have made to make it move the same way as your toddler. The dance can be longer or shorter depending on the motivation of your toddler.