Robot doctors

Learning goals: Empathy, pretend play, naming and identifying tools, naming body part, problem solving

Robot Doctors heal robots by rebuilding them and teaching them new skills.

What do robot doctors need? Craft accessories and tools for your Robot Doctor play.

Robot disease cards: Headache – There is smoke coming out poor robot’s head!

Loose levels – This little robot almost lost its’ parts and cannot move. Help it with the loose screws!

Low batteries – This poor robot has lost its’ power and can move very slowly.

Help it to energize! Can you invent more robot diseases and cures for those?

Toddler Adaptation

With toddlers, the adult can be the robot with different symptoms/diseases. Can the child help? What could help for headache, or low feeling too tired, how could the robot be charged? Once the child gets the idea, you can also change roles. It’s important to be flexible and open for the suggestions of the child. Maybe this robot doctor also cooks or takes care of toy animals or dolls.