Robot factory

Learning goals: Constructing and designing a process, architechtual thinking, pretend play, role play

Start you very own Robot Factory! What kind of actions we will need in our Robots Factory?

What kind of professionals works there? What does the factory constructs? What kind of skills you would your robot workers need?

Design the Robot factory with blocks and shapes. You can build with blocks or draw into a big paper.

Continue on the following days to make patterns and directions of actions: What goes where and in which order?

Toddler Adaptation

For toddlers. Offer paper with different geometrical shapes in a big size. The child can first colour these as they want. Note that they do not have to be fully coloured and it’s fine to colour outside the lines too. Depending on your toddlers age, you can try to cut the shapes along the lines, again missing the line is fine. Another option is that the adult cuts the shapes. Once you have some shapes ready you can start building robots by gluing them a paper. You can add eyes, mouth, lights or buttons for different functions to the robots. This factory game can be done for several days based on your child’s motivation.