Robotic talking

Learning goals: Telling a story, language exploration, verbal speed, tone of voice

Fill the story with missing parts and tell it to the Robot voice generator (button below).

Can you understand the robot story in Robotic language? Tell other stories or sing your favourite song to the Robot Voice Generator too!

Robots and the Rock

It was a beautiful morning. Sun was shining in the sky.

Robots [names] were __[moving how?]___ along a street. They saw many cars and __[what else?]__ , and they saw _________ and _________ .

Robots [names] were going to __[where?]___ to meet ___ [who?]___. The robots were very happy and excited about it.

They were singing, like this ___[what are your robot sounds?]____, because they were so happy.

Suddenly they saw a huge rock blocking the street. The robots tried to pass the rock but it was too big. What can we do?

The robots said to each other. What is the solutions of the robots? [Let children suggest a way for the robots to pass the huge rock].

Finally they were able to pass the rock and reach ___ [the destination]___.

Toddler Adaptation

Adult can type toddler’s favourite words or any words they tell to the adult. Then you can listen together how the robot voice says them.