Robot’s wake up gym

Learning goals: Different directions with body movements, coordination and balance skills

Robots need to wake up their screws and joints every morning because they’ve been still whole night.

Can you do the same moves? Robot’s wake up gym goes like this!

1. Rotate your head by starting from the front, then left, back and right. Do it again but remember to change direction. Robot’s head can start to spin too.

2. Rotate your wrists, elbows and shoulders both directions. A robot has joints everywhere!

3. Rotate your hip as wide as you can. Lift one arm up with forefinger.

4. A robot’s knees need a bit of oil in the morning. Massage the imagenary oil on your knees. Then do five squats to spread the oil in every screw.

5. And last but not least, rotate your knees and rise five times on your tiptoes and on the sixth can you stay on your toes while counting to ten!