Robots without a voice

Learning goals: Computional thinking, following algorithm, creating a code, memorising skills, understanding a “new” language

Robots read commands in programming languages. Then they execute the program as a chain of commands.

Practice programming by following the commands of Rally the Robot. Can you follow the program?

First practice each command and try to memorize the program. Make your program using Rally’s commands. How long of a program can you memorize and repeat?

Write a new program for your robot and complete it. Choose a movement for the following shapes of different colours. Plan the chain of commands and perform it.

Save your program by setting it on the wall. Repeat your robotic morning routine every morning!

Can you memorize the programming language the next morning too?

Watch the video below together with your child!

Toddler Adaptation

Become a robot and a programmer. Use 2-4 different geometrical shapes as programming language. Agree what the robot does when it sees a triangle. For example stops. Circle can mean forward and square jump for instance. Change roles and let your toddler make you move and stop based on the paper shapes. Use thick paper to make it last the toddlers handeling.