At your home

Learning goals: Using different senses, making and describing observations, paying attention to details

What can you hear, see, feel, taste, smell? Go for an adventure to the kitchen and bedroom. Listen, smell and see around.

Toddler Adaptation

Here are some safe ways for your toddler to explore their home with different senses.
Note, that it is important not to leave your child alone with these.

Smelling: use any small containers or bags available at your home insert a few different items that are easy to explore by smelling, eg. liquid soap, cinnamon stick etc.

Tasting: This is a great and playful way to explore new tastes. Offer pieces or purés of fruit and vegetables hidden under a table cloth or a small container. You can also form a sun or face or anything you want to make these more inviting. Allow your child to watch you prepare these and taste whenever they wish to do so. Show example by tasting the foods youself.

Listening and seeing: Put different materials inside a clear plastic bottle or small plastic bag. They can be sand, pieces of pasta or water with glitter or food coloring. Close the lid tightly and let your toddler explore the sounds and the visuals of these.