Hide and seek

Learning goals: Using different senses, making and describing observations, paying attention to details

Shy Ant is an excellent hider, because it can move very quietly and stay very silent when hiding. Can your own ant or a small toy stay as silent too?

Here is how the game works:
1. Take turns in hiding your own ant or a small toy somewhere in one room.
2. The finder(s) can wait in a different room while the hider hides the toy to avoid peeking.
3. Once the toy is hidden, the finder(s) can enter the room and start searching.
4. The hider offers first a hint first describing the height of the hiding place (low: worm, middle: butterfly, high: bird). You can choose your own names to describe the height.
5. The finders start looking.
6. The hider offers hints all the time telling “warmer” when the finder is approaching the hiding place and “colder” when they move away from it.
7. When very close to the hiding place the hider can say: burning hot.
8. When the finder gets very far from the hiding place, the hider can say: ice cold.
9. Once the ant or the small toy is found, the finder becomes the new hider.
10. If you are more than two players and possibly of different ages, make sure everyone gets to take their turn in being the hider, if they wish to do so.

Toddler Adaptation

Use a soft toy that your toddler likes and get a few different cloths or scarfs. Place these between you and your child. Ask your child to cover his or hers eyes with their hands or look the other way. Hide the toy under one of the scarfs. Ask your child “Where did XX go?” Let them find the toy. The child can also try to hide it for you to find.
Other option is to simply hide the toy behind your back and put both of your hands behind your back. Ask your toddler, “Where is XX?”. Move your shoulders in turns so the child understands to point one of your arms. Show the toy when pointing the correct arm. Also, you can hide the toy under your shirt or on top of your head and let the child rescue the toy. Praise always when the toy is found. You can also hide yourself or your child under a scarf to be found.