How to proceed with play after project?

Role of Play

Week 1

Building different homes for the Shy Ant

Use block cubes, Legos, or cardboard boxes for building different sized boxes. Provide material for painting, colouring, cutting holes and decorating the house.

If you have small toys to put in the house, use them.

Your self-made toy Ant can now sleep, eat, wash hands etc. in its new home. What kind of house does the Shy Ant want to live in?

Week 2

Continuing to decorate the new home

Test the sounds of  different items at Shy Ant’s home. 

Can you find and use an empty can as a dishwasher? How does it sound?

Should the Shy Ant go shopping for groceries? What and how does the Shy Ant cook?

What kind of materials can be used for decorating the new home? What does your child think the Shy Ant would need? Explore together with your child. Make observations of your child’s actions during the play. You can get valuable information about your child’s thoughts and feelings through observation.

Week 3

Inviting friends to Shy Ant’s home

Who are friends of the Shy Ant? Maybe a turtle or an owl? Can they sit on a chair when they visit Shy Ant? What can they do together?

The Shy Ant can invite many friends to visit its home. What kind of food its guests would enjoy? What will the Shy Ant play with its friends?

Week 4

The sister of the Shy Ant comes to visit

Great news! Shy Ant’s sister is coming to visit. Where should she sleep? Is there a toothbrush for her?

When and how will she arrive? Should the Shy Ant meet her somewhere?

Play different events taking place at the Shy Ant’s home with the Shy Ant and the Sister Ant. Maybe a new room is needed for the house, or maybe the Sister Ant would like to have a house in this neighbourhood too.

Maybe there are cousins also coming to visit and you can build an entire Ant Town!

Toddler Adaptation

Make this activity toddler friendly by guiding your child through it.