Make your own little ant

Learning goals: Artistic expression, using tools for crafting (scissors, markers, paintbrushes), ants’ bodyparts, finne motor coordination, practicing counting, learning more about ants

In this activity you can make your own ant. You can take it to adventures and play with it.

What colour is it? How many legs does your ant hve? Does the ant have some different body parts than you? Why does the ant have antennas? How does it move?

What do you need?

• Empty toilet paper rolls
• Paint
Pipe cleaners
• Paper or wiggly eyes
• Marker
• Tape and glue or double sided tape


1. Cut the toilet paper roll into three parts for the ant’s body.
2. Paint the rolls and let them dry. If you don’t have paint, you can also use markers to color or leave it as it is.
3. Cut six long pieces for legs and two short pieces for antennas from the pipe cleaner.
4. Cut two circles from paper. Draw teo dots in the middle as eyes.
5. Glue two eyes onto the head. You can also use wiggly eyes or cheerios’ as eyes if you want to.
6. Tape two legs in each roll.
7. Tape the antennas into the head. You can also pierce small holes and stick the antennas in.
8. Tape or glue the rolls together.


Toddler Adaptation

Make this activity toddler friendly by guiding your child through it.