One ant, many ants

Learning goals: One-to-one correspondence, comparing loud and silent noises, describing the difference between objects by sound, observing one and many

When the little Shy Ant goes for a walk, its footsteps are very quiet. When it goes for a walk with friends their footsteps are much louder.

You can test the sound of Shy Ant’s footsteps alone:
Put a pearl, little stone or a button to an empty can and shake. What can you hear?

Shy Ant can only make one sound!
Then put two, then tree, and finally five similar objects to the can and shake. Is the sound different? How? What do you hear? Can you tell the difference?

What if a Cousin Grasshopper joins the walk?
Put a different item, for example, a bean to the can and shake.

Can you recognise Shy Ant’s and Cousin Grasshopper’s different footstep sounds?
Describe and tell what you hear?

Hide 1-5 small items in a non-transparent box. Let your parent or friend guess, is there the Shy Ant alone or are together with others?

Toddler Adaptation

Toddler friendly as an exploration with an adult.