Shy Ant’s emotion cards

Learning goals: Recognizing, naming and acting various emotions, finding pairs and matching the similarities, cooperation and communication skills, taking turns

Can you recognise the different emotions of Shy Ant? Can you make the same kind of faces as Shy Ant? Why is Shy Ant sad? What makes Shy Ant happy?

Play a memory game with the emotion cards. Print out the sheet twice to get two of each card.

• Put all the cards on the table upside down
• Take turns
• On your turn you can check two cards. If they match you can act the emotion or face in the card and have the cards. If the two cards don’t match, put the cards back to the table.

Toddler Adaptation

Strengthen the cards by gluing to a thick paper or covering with contact paper.
Place the cards face up between you.
Ask your toddler to show “where is happy/sad?”, help if needed.

Take that card in your hand and ask, “Where is the same? or Where is the other happy?”
Praise when your toddler find pairs.
When you have found all the cards you can mimic the faces and name them again.
You can also count each card out loud. First counting is done only by you, but after repeating this a few times the child can join too.

The repetition can be done on different days. Toddlers love predictability and repetition, even if adults tend to get tired of the same things.