Shy ant’s feelings

Learning goals: Recognizing, naming and acting the basic emotions, showing empathy towards other (Shy Ant), acting and mimicking, following the storyline

What kind of feelings and faces Shy Ant has? Can you make the faces? Read Shy Ant’s story again with the help of these feeling faces. Spot the different emotions and feelings in the story and imagine that you were Shy Ant. Act along the story!

“Once upon a time there was an ant much like all the other ants. It lived in a nest with all its siblings. In the nest, it was nice and quiet. This made the ant feel _____ and ______.

Then, one day, the Ant moved away to a big city into a big apartment. How do you think the ant felt about moving there?
In the new place, the ant was looking around curiously. It smelled the scent of the kitchen. There were so many new scents that Shy Ant got confused.

It touched the window screen with its nose tip. It felt ______ after a sunny day. It tapped the floor tiles with its toes. Suddenly it could hear the sound of its toes everywhere!

Shy Ant was very ________ about the new place!

Then Shy Ant realized, it could hear weird sounds outside too.
It could hear a silent hsssssss from somewhere.

It also heard a loud THUNK behind. That was ______.
Then it spotted a soft sound and it felt ______.
There was a sound of something rolling further in the corridor. What was that?”

Toddler Adaptation

Take 2-4 of emotion cards, cover them with contact paper or glue to a thick paper to make them last toddler’s explorations. Show the cards to your toddler, naming the emotions they represent. Make a similar face while showing the picture. Ask your toddler to show or give you the picture you name. Hide a picture behind your back or under a piece of cloth, ask your toddler, “where is the happy/sad/angry face?” Allow your toddler to find the lost picture, name it again once it’s found.