Shy Ant’s obstacle course

Learning goals: Using different senses, making and describing observations, paying attention to details

Shy Ant wants to know what kind of place its new home is. Shy Ant decides to go for an adventure around its new home. There are lots of different obstacles in the way.
Make an obstacle course for your ant. You can use e.g. paper rolls, blocks, other toys, and furniture. guide the ant through the obstacle course you have made. The ant has to climb, crawl, jump, run, tiptoe, move backward to make its way through the obstacle course.

Can you make an obstacle course for yourself? How is it different from the obstacle course for Shy Ant? Are the obstacles bigger or smaller? You can also do the obstacle course outside in the yard or in a park.

Toddler Adaptation

Come up with your own obstacle course for your toddler. You can use for example chairs to go under, climbing to a sofa and coming down safely.

Alternatively, you can use your own body as an evolving obstacle for your toddler. Sit down on the floor and see if he or she can go under your arm, over your legs, climb to your back or “escape” from your lap when you are sitting on the floor and have your arms around your toddler.