Sounds in the evening

Learning goals: Recognising sounds in home in the evening, focusing and reflecting audio sense, comparing and memorising observations

Imagine that you were a little ant. Lie down in your bed in the evening and listen to the sounds you hear. What are they? Do you hear sounds from inside the house? Can you hear sounds from outside if you listen very carefully?

Picture here the most interesting voice. What kind of evenings are your favourite? Create an evening poem and ask an adult to write it down.

After that make a comparison of morning and evening sounds. What sounds belong to the morning and what sounds belong to the evening?

Toddler Adaptation

Become sound investigators with your toddler. Sit very quiet together in the evening time and listen to the sounds. What was that? Did you hear it? Where did that sound come from? Go and find the source of the sound. Maybe it was a washing machine or a dog barking or a car driving by.

The first times draw the source of the sound yourself, after a few times you can ask your toddler to draw it. If listening and finding is the most motivating part, you can leave out the drawing and only search for sources of different sounds together. Prepare finishing the game by telling: “This is the last sound and then we do XX” (whatever comes next in your evening routine).