My tree friend

Learning goals: observing nature with different senses, forming a positive relationship with nature.

Draw a tree that is visible from your own home. You can also draw an imaginary tree.

Before you start drawing, visit the tree if you are allowed to do so.

What is your tree like?

• Are there leaves or needles in the tree?

• Does it have cones or bear fruit?

• Do any animals live in the tree?

• Does it have a pleasant scent?

• How does its trunk feel like under your fngers?

• Does it cast a shadow on the ground?

Toddler adaptation

Create a tree with finger paints. Paint your toddler’s hand and fingers with a colour that they like and press it onto the paper to create leaves. If your toddler wants they can also paint a trunk for their tree. Add small pictures or stickers of different animals to the picture.