Forests around the world

Learning goals: recognizing forests and naming animals around the world, using the Internet to fnd information.

There are forests on all continents.

    • What are the different forests like
    • What animals live there?
    • You can watch videos on the internet about forests in different continents

Use keywords such as:


    • Africa – jungle, savannah, baobab tree, forest elephants
    • Asia – jungle, panda, Jungles of Borneo, orangutans, rainforest, bamboo, flame tree
    • Europe – snow, Lapland, Mediterranean, olive tree, evergreen forests, fall colours, birch tree
    • Latin America – Amazon, jungle, rainforest, mangrove
    • North America – wooded land, evergreen forests, fall colours, redwoods

Toddler adaptation

Explore different forests around the world with your toddler by looking at picures or videos of them.