Learning goals: regulating self, distributing time and effort, designing and following the design, fne-motor skills, controlling a pen.

A mandala is a beautiful round symbol that represents the universe and
wholeness. You can focus your attention by drawing or looking at a mandala.

It can help you to meditate and relax. Search for more information on mandalas online.

The meaning of the word mandala in Sanskrit is circle. Where is Sanskrit spoken? 
(Answer: India)

Where is it on the map?

Through colouring and creating a mandala your child is practicing fine-motor skills (such as their pincer grasp to hold a pen).

Working on a mandala is also a way of learning self-regulation and self-control: Mandalas are big and have hundreds of smaller details within a circle.

The idea of the activity is to continue creating a mandala day by day
until it is ready


Mandala is an ongoing activity and a child should be supported to continue working with it. Children learn self-control, motivation, resilience and joy of a process. Finalizing a large project brings contentment and joy!


Toddler adaptation

Offer a small variety of different material to your toddler. Please use items that are not very small as toddlers tend to explore them with their mouth. Start building a mandala by adding one type of material at a time together with your child.

It does not have be large and you can continue the activity during several days or even weeks.