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Joyful learning makes active learners!

Why FinlandWay?

High quality early childhood education creates a solid base for life-long learning and well-being. Finland’s world-leading early education system is based on a science-based methodology. 

The Finnish model combines purposeful play, the phenomenon based approach and includes the child as an active learner: 

  • Learning through structured and free play is natural, joyful and inspirational 
  • Children don’t divide the world into school subjects but continuously observe phenomena around them 
  • The children’s active role creates skills, confidence and positive attitudes towards life-long learning 
  • Children’s participation creates a sense of belonging and teaches them valuable collaboration skills

We believe early childhood is an exceptionally important time in life. 

Children, their characters and skills should be appreciated as they are now, not only as what they will become in the future.

FinlandWay is a pioneer in bringing Finnish early education to the world. Our mission is to bring the best of quality education from Finland to thousands of children, families and educators worldwide, online and through our school network. Our expert early education specialists have years of experience in working in Finnish kindergartens and pre-schools and hold various degrees on early childhood education.